Company Profile
KV projektstav, s. r.o. Třebíč was established in 1991 on the base of finished Energo-projekt Třebíč. A head office of the company was on the address Manž.Curieových 634 from the very beginning, since June 1993 it has beed on the address Manž.Curieových 657.

Since we are aware of the need to be complex in projecting, our company was transformed to the project company, which has been fully professional since the beginning and which consists of two partners and 11 employees nowadays. All crucial professions are provided by authorized architect, engineers and technicians. In special cases we co-operate with proved firms and physical persons, which obtained our confidence for their professional approach.

Our aim is complex project documentation processing of all kinds of civil, housing and industrial construction. We offer to our investors a possibility of consultations and negotiations on one place with presence of all needed professions to arrange investors' project.

Former orientation on housing, school and medical construction is nowadays adapted to demand and the attention is paid to the area of actual requests of the investors, which is mainly school, partly medical, higher civil or industrial constructions and at present also housing constructions. We are also entering the area of transport projecting.

Progressive introduction of computer technology for project documentation elaborating has been widen since 1993 and it is used not only in building professions, but also in professions such as electro, heating, air conditioning, static and budgeting. The use of computer technology enables to make slight arrangements and changes requested by an investor without an influence on the agreed time fulfilment. A quality, variability and shortening of time needed for project documentation elaborating is gladly accepted by all investors interested in our work and services. Elaborated studies and projects are equipped by visualisations including transformation into photographs when requested by investors individually. This enables investors to get a real image of architectonic and artistic design of their request.

To keep a continuity of experience and information transfer we employ also graduates, since we are interested in long-lasting prospect of our firm.

KV projektstav is a member of Federation of businessmen in building industry and a member of Chamber of Commerce of the Czech republic, where we participate actively. At present we have representation in top management of Chamber of Commerce, regional authorities of ČKAIT, and also in local and city authorities.

Actual capacities: architecture, building construction, static and dynamics of buildings (static opinions), heating, air conditioning, medical technology, wiring, budgeting, proposal of anti-radon measures, calculations and proposals of lightning, POV.

Cooperation: fire technology, acoustics, geological and radon research, altitudinal and positional location.

During our 12-year existence we arranged building projects for more than 2 milliard Czech Crowns. From our important buildings we would like to remind objects in the Area of Holešovice exhibition grounds in Prague for the World exhibition in 1991, the area of adult Iodine sanatoriums in Klimkovice, reconstruction of Sova Mills in Prague - Kampa, and also a reconstruction of President's offices on the Prague castle.

At present our most important order is a preparation of new spa construction in Třeboň and an arrangement of ISO 9001 in our firm.

Ing. Karel Vaverka

Number of employees: 13
  • 1 architect
  • 5 building designers and static
  • 1 ZTI, PI designer
  • 1 underground services and communication designer
  • 1 UP and VZP designer
  • 2 EI designers
  • 1 budget designer
Number of authorized engineers - 3 (building construction, city engineering, technology of building environment)

  • 1993: 5,1 mil. CZK
  • 1994: 7,5 mil. CZK
  • 1995: 10,5 mil. CZK
  • 1996: 11,0 mil. CZK
  • 1997: 8,5 mil. CZK
  • 1998: 7,5 mil. CZK
  • 1999: 6,5 mil. CZK
  • 2000: 8,5 mil. CZK
  • 2001: 9,0 mil. CZK
  • 2002: 10,5 mil. CZK
  • 2003: 15,5 mil. CZK